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Liveaboard Diving Cruises in Papua New Guinea, PNG

     We are pleased to offer to avid adventurer divers the new "hot" diving destination of Australasia: Papua New Guinea, which has in its waters some of the best and clearest dive sites in the world. With an amazing visibility of 30m plus year round and an interesting historical past (great wreck diving), the region is host to an extremely rich marine life, the ultimate source for underwater photographers and marine biologists.     With the second world war leaving its toll there too, some really good wreck diving can be done in pristine and rarely dived sites. According to recent surveys, the Coral Sea has some of the richest marine life in the world, and some species of nudibranches and other invertebrates can only be encountered here.
    Papua New Guinea was first discovered by Spanish and Portuguese navigators in the 16th century. PNG later came under Dutch control, and then German dependence until the British took a mandate from the League of Nations in 1920 and left the place under Australian administrative control. In December 1941, after Japanese invasion, Papua New Guinea became a Japanese stronghold, specifically the islands of New Britain and New Ireland in the east. Papua and New Guinea finally became a unified state in 1949 and PNG is today a constitutional monarchy and is a member of the Commonwealth.

     For all you liveaboard enthusiasts, we are proud to offer the services of the award winning vessel, the M.V. Telita.
     This vessel, completely refitted for luxury diving cruises, is one of the best liveaboard vessels in the world. She has gained recognition for quality and safety service with the most demanding surveys of international diving magazines.
     The M.V. Telita accommodates 10 passengers for maximum comfort and safety in fully air conditioned quarters, although she is fitted for 14 passengers. She caters to divers and non divers in 5 twin cabins, sharing commodities, and one deluxe suite with queen size bed and private showers.
     On board, divers will cruise and dive the best dive sites Papua New Guinea has to offer. You will plunge into the wonders of PNG's extremely clear water (30m range and more), discover the fantastic remote marine life the area is famous for, dive the sunken vestiges of World War II with the well known wreck of "Black Jack", an American sunken B17 bomber, the "S" Jacob, a Dutch freighter, and you can admire the passing occasional whales and dolphins in the Moresby and Dawson Straits. You can observe species seen only in these rich waters, visit manta ray cleaning stations, and cruise with the pelagics so common in the area.

     The M.V. Telita is equipped with all modern communication devices and safety equipment; satellite phone, fax, and internet access, E6 processor, desalinator providing ample fresh water supply, and full air conditioning. The crew, trained to international standards, will take care of all logistics and details, allowing divers to enjoy the best holidays possible. The cook on board has refined culinary skills to an art and all the meals will satisfy the most demanding and hungry divers, from local traditional food to western style cuisine.
     Cruises are organized year round, although the best period to enjoy a calm sea is from May to December, during the dry season. Diving cruises are designed from 5 days / 5 nights up to 14 days / 14 nights and include all your meals, tanks and weights, accommodation in twin sharing air conditioned cabins, and the use of all facilities on board.
     You will have access to unlimited dives under professional supervision.
     Package includes: transfers to vessel, accommodation in luxurious cabins, all meals, tanks, weights and dive guide.

Suite Cabin

5 Days / 5 Nights, unlimited dives
Price: 1,500 US$ per person

14 Days / 14 Nights, unlimited dives
Price: 4,200 US$ per person