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Wreck Diving Liveaboard at Scapa Flow, Scotland.

     Scapa Flow is one of the best wreck diving destinations in the world with the also famous Truk Lagoon in Micronesia. These two places are concentrating the most amount of sunken battle ships in the World and are the two milestones in a recreational wreck diver logbook. Scapa Flow is a dream land for avid wreck divers and enthusiasts are coming from all around the World to dive the sunken WW I German fleet.
     After the end of the first world war, the German admiral, commander of the fleet decided to scuttle the entire fleet to avoid surrendering to the British and therefore handling fine and new battle ships to the "enemy". The fleet was harbored in the natural protection of Scapa Flow when the order came to sink it. On June 21st 1919, 5 battle cruisers, 11 battleships, 8 cruisers and 50 destroyers met their fate and slowly sunk on the bottom of the sea.
     Although most of it have been salvaged with the time, Scapa Flow remains an amazing site for wreck diving as all vessels are still there, offering the most amazing eerie vision of shadow battleships available to see.
     The highlights of the site are the famous battleships: "Markgraf", "Konig", "Kronprinz Wilhem", "Brummer", "Karlsruhe", "Dresden" and "Koln", who are resting between 24 and 45 meters (80 to 145 feet), allowing amazing dive on air or nitrox.

     Scapa Flow is situated on Orkney island in northern Scotland, mid-way betweeen the mainland and the Shetland islands. Access could be made by ferry, or air from Aberdeen or London. The best time of the year to dive Scapa Flow will be between April and October. Visibility is good, water temperature 12 to 14oC.
     The preferred level of certification to dive the place is advanced diver from any recognized agency, and the divers should be familiar with cold water environment, and to deal with current, which could be strong sometimes.
     We offer diving packages in two different options allowing to dive the same dive sites: a liveaboard experience on board the M.V. Royal Mediator, pictured above, a 24 meters (80 feet) former Navy vessel, refurbished for scuba diving activities and catering for a maximum of 12 divers plus crew. The package is run on a Bed & Breakfast principle and the meals are taken on land in the numerous pubs and restaurants, allowing also a nice interaction with local Scottish traditions and great hospitality. Divers will be accommodated on board in two twin cabins and / or a dormitory sheltering 8 persons. The vessel has modern facilities, navigation and safety devices. Dives are conducted from a 4 meters RIB tender run by the crew and safety divers.
     The second option is land based in local Bed & Breakfast facilities. Divers will use the M.V. Crombie for the daily diving activities and will be back on land in the late afternoon for dinner and accommodation.

Diving Liveaboard Package on Board M.V. Royal Mediator:
6 Days / 7 Nights, 2 Dives per Day
Price: 580 US$ per person.

Package Liveaboard includes: 7 nights, breakfast and lunch on board, 2 dives per day, tanks, weights and dive supervisor / guide, pick up from airport or ferry terminal.

For schedule and reservations, please e-mail us.