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Liveaboard Diving Cruises in Sudan, Red Sea

     Sudan is the biggest country in Africa, bordered by Egypt in the north, and Ethiopia and Erythrea in the south, and is one of the most pristine diving destinations on earth today. Although the last few years have been tattered by political unrests, these events are taking place far in the south, thousands of kilometers southward. Far away from the region of Port Sudan, where our cruise will departure and dives take place.
     Sudan is one of the birth place of very ancient civilization and its mainly rural population is extremely welcoming and eager to meet with foreigners as they have been deprived for years of external contact, situation which is actually  improving.
     Sudan is home to pristine diving destinations all part of the Red Sea, and numerous Red Sea addicted divers who have been diving Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and Dahab for years, came back delighted of the natural wonders of Sudan. For many of the veterans Red Sea divers, it was like diving the previous places in the late 70's early 80's before tourism "boomed" in Egypt.
     WorldLiveAboards.Com will take you on board the M.V. Black Baron from Port Sudan to the best and safest dive sites of the region, where water and coral reefs have rarely been disturbed by humans. We will get you to places where the pelagic life is so rich that it will be very difficult to find a match for the place!

     Access to Port Sudan is by direct flight from Cairo with Sudan Airways, which will arrive every Saturday at 22:00 local time in Port Sudan. Divers will be immediately picked up at the airport after immigration and custom formalities to board the vessel in the nearby harbour.
     The vessel will sail the next morning to reach the first dive site one hour away from Port Sudan. The cruise is set on a 6 days and 7 nights or 13 days and 14 nights formats. Departure on Sunday early morning and disembarkment the next Saturday morning. The Saturday, a tour to the stunning Suakin island off Port Sudan will be organized. This island is the old Port Sudan where the ruin a coral stones city and harbour could be admired, making this place quite unique in the world...
     There will also be a possibility to visit the market of Port Sudan for additional shopping.
     Divers will be then transferred in the late afternoon to the airport for departure in the evening back to Cairo.
     Cruises are scheduled from the beginning of October until late June of each year, please e-mail us for availability in 2006.



6 Days / 7 Nights Diving Cruise, 3 dives a day and 2 night dives per week
Price: 1,150 US$ per person in double occupancy
Cruise includes: transfers, accommodation in air conditioned cabins, all meals on board
tanks, weights, dive guide, and the guided tour in Suakin or Port Sudan market
Please e-mail us for schedule update 2006


13 Days / 14 Nights, 3 dives a day and 4 night dives
Price: 2,100 US$ per person in double occupancy
Cruise includes: transfers, accommodation in air conditioned cabin, all meals on board
tanks, weights, dive guide, and the guided tour in Suakin Island or Port Sudan market


Please ask for 2 weeks cruises schedule 2006

     Note: Divers should arrange their flight to Cairo and connecting flight to Port Sudan on the Saturday, we can arrange this flight Cairo / Port Sudan for interested parties. Sudanese tax fees are 150 US$ per person per week or 200 US$ per person for the 2 weeks, these fees have to be paid in cash US$ on location to the authorities. Also, all divers should apply for a visa in the Sudanese embassy closest to their residence. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months and not bearing any Israeli or South African stamps.
     If there is no Sudanese consulate nearby your domicile, we can arrange the visa on location for you, please let us know upon contacting us for reservations.
     All drinks on board will be extra (except water, tea and coffee included in the cruise fare), and divers should be advanced certified or have a least 30 dives logged if open water or CMAS 1* divers...Also, diving equipment is NOT available for rental on board, therefore all divers should be fully equipped for the trip either with their own equipment or by renting equipment from their place of origin.


Please e-mail us for updated schedule 2006 and all reservations