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Liveaboard Diving Cruises in Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

      In April 1944, the U.S. Navy launched the operation "Hailstorm" on the Japanese fleet stronghold of Truk Lagoon in Micronesia. The attack was a complete success and over 40 battle and logistic ships were sunk at once, trapped in the lagoon. Thousands of sailors and aviators lost their lives in one of the most successful air strikes in history.
Soon after the war was over, this sanctuary was named as a war grave.
     Today, Truk Lagoon is the most visited wreck diving site in the world and divers from all over the planet come year round to admire and pay respect to this thrilling and magnificent sanctuary. The wreck diver paradise!

     During the cruise, divers will visit up to 25 wrecks out of the 40 mapped in the lagoon and some divers have performed up to 30 dives during their 6 diving days! For safety purposes, we advise to limit yourself to 4 dives a day, with the last two wrecks of the day being in shallower water.
      Experienced divers will have the opportunity to dive the deepest and most known ship wrecks of the lagoon such as the "Fujisan Maru" and the world famous "San Francisco Maru". These two magnificent wrecks are resting in more than 40 meters of water and only experienced divers with knowledge in staged decompression diving will be allowed on these sites.
     All dives will be guided, as required by Chuuk's law, by very experienced local dive guides who have done hundreds of dives exploring the wonders of this site.
     The liveaboard dive vessel, the Steam Ship (SS) Thorfinn, is the perfect liveaboard boat from which to dive all the wonders of Truk Lagoon. She was built in Norway as an Ice Class Antarctic Whaler in 1954. She was renovated as a cruise charter boat in 1977 in Vancouver, Canada and upgraded to international standards in Cairns, Australia in 1996. She is 58 meters long, with a beam of 10 meters, cruising at an easy 12 knots.
     The SS Thorfinn is a three deck vessel and can accommodate 22 passengers in double air conditioned cabins. The cabins, guest lounge, dinner room, E6 processor laboratory, bar, sun decks, dive stations, equipment rental, and repair workshop are located around the three decks. The engine room with its huge motors and boilers for steam production (not overly loud on the upper decks) is a must see below deck and all passengers will have a boat orientation upon boarding.

     The ship has two dive stations located on port and starboard sides and divers are sent to the dive sites by tenders taking no more than 6 divers at a time, guaranteeing spacious and safe diving.
     Tanks are filled by 2 Bauer K15 compressors with air bank. Nitrox blend gases are available to those who are qualified for the shallow wreck dives.
     Truk is easily accessible with direct flights from Honolulu (Hawaii) or via Guam coming from Tokyo or Hong Kong. Once in Guam, Micronesian Airlines have daily flights to Truk (Chuuk in the Micronesian language). The operator will pick up the divers for boarding the SS Thorfinn.
     Water conditions in Truk are ideal for year round diving as the site is far off the way of big tropical storms and typhoons, sometimes striking the area. The visibility ranges between 20m and 40m year round with temperatures in the water being usually around 30oC with very occasional thermoclines. Tropical diving wetsuits are definitively a must in Truk!

Departure on Sunday, return next Sunday
7 Days / 7 Nights, 6 Diving Days, 5 dives a day
Price: Divers - 1,790 US$ per person in twin/double sharing

Nitrox Available

     Package in inclusive of: Airport transfers, all meals and beverages, accommodation in double or twin air conditioned cabins, tanks, weights and dive guide. Please note that a 35 US$ fee for the governmental Lagoon admission will be collected on location in cash US funds.

Shorter trip available at a rate of 345 US$ per person per day

Please e-mail us for availability and reservations